073 How To Build A Business You Can Sell with Lien De Pau

Grow to CEO with Rose Radford

Jun 5 2023 • 42 mins

Today my friend, I am very excited to be joined by the magnificent, Lien De Pau one of my mastermind sisters, serial entrepreneur, and mentor to self-made entrepreneurs looking to achieve their next *big exit* (aka selling their business!).

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I’ll be taking the stage to share invaluable insights and strategies that will catapult you straight through to your next level of success.

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Raving commenced:

Lien has started four businesses, sold two, supported 1,400 female entrepreneurs in her work AND written a best-selling book. When it comes to unravelling the mysteries of *selling a business*, Lien is definitely the woman you want to be talking to.

So, when I say we’re legit taking a deep dive into this - rarely discussed but super significant topic - I mean it.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Lien initially discovered the key to building businesses to sell, and what made her want to dive headfirst into the deep end of the *selling a business* pool (we’re talking a sink or swim sort of situation!)

  • Why so many entrepreneurs aren’t thinking about selling their businesses and the implications this might have on the way they’re built

  • The logic behind selling your business, and why every reason to do so is a GOOD reason (you’re in for some powerful validation here!)

  • The answer to the (quite literal) million-dollar question: “When can I sell my business, and how much for?”

  • What issues come with selling a personal brand, and how to successfully navigate these

  • Lien’s *four exit habits* that will allow you to not just sell your business for millions of dollars, but make it so epic you might not want to

  • The impact of crossing the $2 million boundary on saleability

  • Which revenue stream has the capacity to 10x your business’s value as well as the #1 thing you can do now, to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

This episode has some epic insights and actionable takeaways you’re not going to want to miss, even if you're not looking to sell right now!

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