061 Using Your Energy As A Strategy In Business with Jo Sweeney

Grow to CEO with Rose Radford

Mar 13 2023 • 34 mins

Welcome back to the Grow to CEO Podcast my friend! Today I have the wonderful Jo Sweeney with me. Jo facilitates advanced energy and leadership mastery for disruptive change makers and entrepreneurs who are ready to claim their next evolution and energetic edge. Jo has been working in countless fields of clients for over 10 years now and is really redefining high performance in this new era of energy-led being. She uses deep energy work and the laws of frequency as a major tool for success.

I have worked with Jo 1-on-1 for about 2 years in total. Those 2 years have been transformative for me – lots of deep trauma release and energy work – and have helped me become who I am today. In today’s interview, I’m going to be asking questions as though I am a total newbie to this work.

What you’ll learn:

-        All about Jo’s journey to becoming an energy coach

-        The differences between energy psychology and mindset work

-        The differences between energy and energetics

-        How Jo uses energy as a strategy instead of traditional marketing methods

-        How understanding yourself on an energetic level can help leverage your business

-        What 2023 is going to look like for Jo


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