065 Your Message Is Your Money Magnet with Holly MacCue

Grow to CEO with Rose Radford

Apr 10 2023 • 36 mins

Welcome back to the Grow to CEO Podcast my friend! Today I have with me my wonderful friend, and Sales and Marketing Coach, Holly MacCue.

Holly has worked with clients in well over 50 different industries, to help them nail their positioning, own their brilliance, master their messaging and create effortless sales WITHOUT the need for paid ads.

Yes. Holly is the (truly epic) woman you go to when you want to learn how to become that “no brainer” choice for your ideal client and start skyrocketing your sales.

What you’ll learn:

  • Holly’s unconventional journey into entrepreneurship and how she was able to land her first client after moving to a foreign country with ZERO networks

  • The #1 reason WHY your current messaging is causing you to end up with a tonne of fence-sitters, and how leaning into your own brilliance is your one-way ticket out of this

  • How to nail the “this is for you if…” messaging that allows you to find the ACTION takers within your target audience, who are ready (and raring!!) to buy from you right now

  • Why your ideal client is still scrolling past your offer, and how one simple tweak to your messaging could solve this

  • How passionately standing behind your offer with confidence, certainty, and conviction builds unwavering trust with your audience, and allows you to SCALE your business

  • The difference between your NICHE and personal brand, and how confusing the two could be costing you sales

  • The EXACT strategy Holly uses to juggle motherhood and entrepreneurship, in a consistent and sustainable way

So, if you’re newer in business or are looking for a messaging upgrade, not only are you going to frickin LOVE this episode but it’s also going to be absolute GOLD for you.

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