058 How To Build Trust & Make More Sales

Grow to CEO with Rose Radford

Feb 20 2023 • 29 mins

Welcome back to the Grow to CEO podcast. Today’s episode is quite the value bomb because I’m going to be walking you through how you can build more trust with your online community, so that you can make more sales. Just to be really clear, we’re not building trust to manipulate people into buying from you. Instead, it’s a case of how you can elevate the degree to which your brand is trusted by others, so they feel safe investing in you.

This episode is going to be particularly important to you if you want to decrease the time it takes for somebody to sign up after discovering you. When somebody first discovers you, the level of scepticism about you and what you do is going to be at its highest, and therefore trust is inadvertently proportionate to scepticism. You want to ensure that scepticism is coming down quickly and trust is going up quickly.

What you’ll learn:

-        Why you need to describe your ideal client’s problem accurately and specifically

-        The importance of finding something in common with your ideal client

-        How showing your face or voice on calls with clients can help build trust

-        Why you need to start believing in your own offer

-        The importance of time and patience when building trust

-        Why client testimonials and reviews might not actually be that useful

-        Whether guarantees and PR are good or bad for trust building

Having shared all this juicy stuff with you, I’d love to know what you’ll be taking away from today’s episode. Do you have something you’re going to tweak in your brand this week to help build trust with your audience?


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