044 How To Run A Client Retreat

Grow to CEO with Rose Radford

Nov 14 2022 • 25 mins

This week’s episode was very highly requested. Today, I’ll be talking you through how to create and run transformational retreats for your clients. There’s a lot of power in retreats, as you give people the opportunity to dive deep into what they need right now, rather than just talking at them for a weekend.

I’m recording this podcast just one week after running my latest client retreat. 25 women from all over the world joined us in Lisbon for an amazingly transformational 3-day retreat weekend. It was great to see so many women in the room who were on a similar journey and watch as those relationships developed. And as you can imagine, I have some really juicy things to share with you…

I’ll be sharing:

-        The sh*tstorm that happened in a couple of days leading up to the retreat and what I learned during this time

-        My top tips for creating an amazing experience for your clients

-        Why we didn’t make a profit on this particular retreat

2 years ago, I was in LA on my very first retreat with my coach at the time, and I felt like such an imposter. I’m sharing my experience today to show you what’s available to you too – things can rapidly change in a few years for you, as long as you have that vision and put in the work!


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