114: Level up diagnostics with new technology to identify Periodontal Disease, Cavities and Bacteria.

Tooth or Dare Podcast

Apr 2 2023 • 29 mins

On this episode of the Tooth or Dare podcast, I had the pleasure of discussing the innovative Reveal technology joined by Katrina Sanders with Robert Anduze the Northeast Regional Sales Manager at Designs for Vision. In the first 5 minutes of this episode, Robert tells us what to look for, what colour do different bacteria emit and how does this technology actually work?

We recorded this episode in Boston live on the tradeshow floor at Yankee Dental Congress and we had a jam-packed conversation about the future of dentistry and diagnostics with both Katrina and Robert that is new to Irene but will be implemented into her therapy in 2023 which is exciting for her and her team.

Katrina shares the communication with her team members and what it means to be the only one in an office using something like this. Are peeps having FOMO or are they being "judgy?"

The Reveal technology uses fluorescence to identify and target specific bacteria and lesions in dentistry, originating in medicine and wound care. We explored how this groundbreaking approach aligns with my core values of providing excellent care and embracing change. We also discussed the practical applications and benefits of REVEAL technology, particularly in periodontal care, and how it could revolutionize the way dental professionals approach scaling, root planing, and curettage. Throughout the episode, we touched on the importance of being present, enjoying life's experiences, and the need for mindfulness and self-care in our everyday lives which includes elevated technology. What’s the point of doing downward dogs at home if your practice life isn't refined and elevated to provide relief while working smarter, not harder?

Don't miss this fascinating episode exploring the future of dentistry through Reveal technology and precision medicine!

For more information about Reveal hit up the website here to connect with your sales rep: REVEAL Landing Page


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