113- Can Shi$$y Employees make great leaders? - Live Lecture with @Toothlife.Irene

Tooth or Dare Podcast

Feb 16 2023 • 50 mins

Can $hitt& Employees make great leaders? I asked this live on stage with over 200 people in the audience; how do you think they responded?

Welcome back to the Tooth or Dare podcast, recorded live at the Voices of Dentistry conference in Arizona.

My guest today is ME Irene Iancu, your host and a Registered Restorative Dental hygienist and practice owner; I'll share my journey and insights into leadership. Here's my attempt at the show notes solo talking about myself in the 3rd person and also as the 1st person and trying not to make it weird.

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Now here's what you're in for:

Part 1: Irene's journey as a dental hygienist and practice owner

  • Irene shares my background and her interest in dentistry and dental hygiene.
  • I talk about my dental hygienist journey and how she eventually became a practice owner.
  • Irene discusses some of the challenges she faced along the way and how she overcame them.

Part 2: Lessons learned and leadership insights

  • Irene shares some key lessons she has learned as a practice owner and leader in the dental industry from literary gurus like Micheal Walkins and his insights on CEO "First 90 days/" Principles.
  • Stephen Covey's - "7 Habits of highly effective people."
  • Leif Babin- "Extreme ownership." A book recommended by one of Irene's business mentors Dr. Mark Costes (Mark doesn't know he's her mentor yet.)
  • James Clear's principles speak highly to how Irene thinks. Working on being 1% better every day or 365% worse by Q4.
  • I discuss the importance of communication with patients and team members and how to build strong relationships practicing Radical Candor- Kim Scott.
  • Irene also discusses the importance of continuous learning and professional development and how it can help you become a better leader by developing employees to be better leaders.

Part 3: Life experiences and leadership

  • Irene talks about how each part of your life, including personal experiences and challenges, can shape you into the leader you believe you should be.
  • I share some personal experiences and how they have influenced my leadership style and approach. How I was raised and the human I was as a small child ultimately turned me into a little monster before I recognized my patterns and shifted gears.
  • Irene encourages listeners to reflect on their own experiences and how they can use them to become better leaders in their own lives.

Thank you for tuning in to the Tooth or Dare podcast, recorded live at Arizona's Voices of Dentistry conference.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from Irene Iancu and my insights into leadership and the dental industry.

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