Episode 71 – Advantages of Poverty – Talkin Tremendous

Tremendous Leadership with Dr. Tracey Jones

Aug 4 2020 • 7 mins

Listen in as Dr. Tracey Jones discusses Advantages of Poverty, the dynamic little book by Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie enlightens the reader to the gospel of wealth. You will discover the attitude of selfless giving that motivated this innovative businessman who helped various communities, charities, and organizations to achieve greater success during his day. Links: Advantages of Poverty https://tremendousleadership.com/products/advantages-of-poverty-life-changing-classics-volume-ix 10 Life-Changing Classics https://tremendousleadership.com/products/10-life-changing-classics 32 Life-Changing Classics https://tremendousleadership.com/products/26-life-changing-classics-and-laws-of-leadership-booklets Quotes from Advantages of Poverty: “He said that he surrounded himself with assistants who knew more than he did—and he spurred them on to pile up millions for him. He was Scotch, but he wasn’t too Scotch. He let his partners share in his profits and he made more millionaires than any other man who has ever lived. For he declared it was a disgrace to die rich.” “The fundamental idea of the gospel of wealth is that surplus wealth should be considered as a sacred trust to be administered by those into whose hands it falls, during their lives, for the good of the community.” “Wealth is a curse to young men, and poverty a blessing.” “Giving the one tenth—the tithe—is easy. The true disciple of the gospel of wealth has to pass far beyond that stage.” “The real question is not how much we ought to give away, but how much we dare retain for our own gratification.” “There is really no true charity except that which will help others to help themselves, and place within the reach of the aspiring the means to climb.” “Common humanity impels us to provide for the actual wants of human beings— to see, through our poor laws, that none die of starvation, and to provide comfortable shelter, clothing, and instruction, which should, however, always be dependent upon work performed.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices