Champagne Supernova- Oasis Decomposition

Decomposition Podcast

Oct 24 2018 • 1 hr

Oasis dominated the charts in the mid-90's. And yet, none of us, to this day, know what on earth they were singing about. Namely, Noel Gallagher doesn't know what he was writing about. He could only think of one word that rhymes with "hall," which is interesting when you are a professional songwriter. He started a lot of fights. Blur, Phil Collins, Jay-Z, and especially his brother, Liam. Certainly not the Beatles, though, who they openly took a lot of music from, and then claimed to be bigger than.
What is a Brackett the butler on Camberwick Green, or Chipley, or trumpton?
Who has the thicker Manchester accent?
Why is this song seven and a half minutes long?