The Obvious Question


Get ready to throw your assumptions about disability out the window! In "The Obvious Question," Madi Lawson, a 21-year-old journalism student who has two rare forms of muscular dystrophy, takes on the assumptions, misconceptions and just plain ignorance others have about people with disabilities. But this isn't your typical conversation about disability. In this podcast Madi talks with co-host Becky Smith and others about fashion, friendship, dating and more - challenging all the things you thought you knew about disability, but haven't had the chance to ask about before. You'll explore the glam and not-so-glam life of the real-life Wheelchair Barbie. So, buckle up - it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Do you have friends like you?
Do you have friends like you?How can you be a journalist?How do you travel?Why shouldn't I say 'lame'?What's wrong with you?The Obvious Question and Answer SessionThe Obvious QuestionCan you even have sex?Can you even walk a runway?Do you have any real friends?How do you pee?Can a salon even serve people like you?Are you sad because you’re disabled?