Heaven Bound

Jason Hardin & Roger Shouse

Jason Hardin and Roger Shouse discuss life the way it was meant to be and what everyday discipleship looks like, using God’s incredible word to provide fuel for your spiritual journey. For more information and a wealth of resources, visit CharlestownRoad.org.
We Thank Thee, O Father (4): And Praise Your Glorious NameThe Church’s MissionWhen the Truth CutsWe Thank Thee, O Father (3): The HarvestLessons From American Restoration HistoryTalking Directly to GodWe Thank Thee, O Father (2): By God’s Almighty HandHistory’s Greatest Masterpiece: God’s ChurchThe Value of PainWe Thank Thee, O Father (1): The Good SeedConfession: Saying the Same Thing as GodWinning a BrotherLife Lessons From Job (5): Shadows of Jesus in Job“I’m a Disciple”Hurt FeelingsLife Lessons From Job (4): Learning to Help the HurtingPREVIEW: “I am a Disciple” (special series with Edwin Crozier, October 24-27)Abraham Stretched Out His Hand…Life Lessons From Job (3): Building a Marriage That Can Weather the StormsThe Blessing You Can Be to Others Today