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Dominic Carter has spent the last 30 years of his Journalism Career out of New York City, on Television and Radio as a Political Commentator and Host. Dominic is known for "Keeping It Real," on any given topic he is taking on, and that's what this podcast is all about. Dominic Carter also travels the country speaking on Foster Care and at Child Advocacy Centers. read less


Child Abuse, Foster Care, and the Folks that are Saving Lives
Oct 3 2021
Child Abuse, Foster Care, and the Folks that are Saving Lives
The subject of Child Abuse,  Foster Care, and Mental Illness are VERY important for Dominic Carter.  One aspect of Dominic's life is as  a Political Commentator in New York.  The other is that he had to endure all three:  Child Abuse, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.  Dominic's father was never in his life, and his mother suffered from Mental Illness, diagnosed with "Chronic Paranoid  Schizophrenia."  Dominic's mother  spent years in and out of state psychiatric hospitals. Dominic Carter was the 2021 keynote speaker in Salina Kansas for a group that is doing remarkable work for the community.  It is called "CAPS of Salina-Strengthening Families and Improving Lives." Dominic keynoted the event for this Child Advocacy Center.   They held their "Every Child Matters Banquet, " and Dominic had tears of joy touring their facilities, as it relates to the services  that are now available for Children that are sexually abused, and the time out sessions/breaks that they provide for parents once a week with young children  for a few hours where the program babysits the kids, for the parents to have 3 hours to exhale. All services are free to the public.  (Some of their programs:  Chris’s Place Child Advocacy Center, CASA program,  and Family Mentoring)  In this episode, Dominic in Salina Kansas talks to the CAPS Community Engagement Coordinator Lora Kirmer.   The Executive Director of CAPS is a remarkable administrator, Lori Blake.  You can find out more about Dominic Carter's book/and can order it by clicking here.