Ep. 009: Flashes and Floaters in Your Vision with George Chioran, MD

Healthy Eyes 101

Jun 14 2020 • 16 mins

Dr. George Chioran returns to the Healthy Eyes 101 podcast to talk about a common reason for urgent visits to the eye doctor’s office – flashes and floaters.  He will be describing the different reasons why people may see flashing lights. We will then talk about the causes and risk factors for floaters and why it is important for you to be seen quickly for a dilated eye examination.  We will end by discussing various treatments for when floaters cause issues with the retina.

Here is an article with a video on flashes and floaters.

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This is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and nothing in this podcast/blog is to be considered as recommending or rendering medical advice or treatment to a specific patient. Please consult your eye care specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment of any eye conditions that you may have.