Life inside Russia during war

Perspectives Podcast with Bruce Crowe

Aug 10 2022 • 53 mins

This podcast is recorded from an undisclosed location in Far East Russia.

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Episode Description:

David is a friend from Switzerland who is living with his Russian wife and children (2 are adopted). He's lived in Russia for over a decade, and has remained in the country while most foreigners have left fearing persecution.

We'll begin our conversation learning about David's early years in Switzerland, his fascination with the former Soviet Union, and eventually raising his family in the the Far East.

In the second half, listen as David and Bruce discuss the competing narratives inside Russia, the power of propaganda on both sides, and state of ordinary life inside Russia.

Are the sanctions having any effect? Is the average citizen even aware what is taking place in Ukraine? What was David's reaction when Russia launched it's offensive back in February, and has anything chanced since?

We thank David for sharing an important perspective from many inside Russia who risk 15 years in prison for even using the word 'war' let alone publicly opposing the bloodshed taking place in Ukraine.

Our Host:

I'm Bruce, my wife and our eight children have lived in Ukraine for the past 15 years. I'm an avid missional thinker with a master's degree in global leadership from Fuller Seminary. I've started several businesses in the US and Ukraine, and been busy the past decade pioneering platforms for emerging Slavic leaders towards personal development and start-ups. The war in Ukraine uprooted our family to Romania, where we are now serving alongside refugees and some local outreach projects. You can visit our blog at


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