Are you keeping score with your significant other? Learn the secret to breaking the cycle, with Katelyn from The Mother Nurture

Cup of Council

Dec 6 2021 • 52 mins

The Council sits down for another visit with Katelyn Denning, a coach for working moms, from The Mother Nurture. You might recognize her from Episode 13, "All I Need is Time". This time, the chat is all about keeping score with your significant other. Who empties the dishwasher most? Who does a terrible job at cleaning off the counter? Who is the keeper of the schedule, the papers, the doctor's appointments, etc.? Katelyn discusses these types of daily household tasks and teaches them the system of evaluating the tasks that are causing strife: "Drop it", "Delegate it", or "Do it with love". The Council and Katelyn also visit some other reflective statements such as "What is it that you are actually wanting?", and "What is the story that you're telling yourself?"

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Website: https://www.themothernurture.com/

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