Fabulous At Any Size: A raw and honest talk about our body image journeys

Cup of Council

Dec 20 2021 • 1 hr 4 mins

The Council meets today to have a raw and honest conversation about their own personal body image journeys. Amy shares how a recent personal social media post sparked the inspiration for this episode, Joyner talks about the jeans that she's been hiding in the back of her closet, and Brittany discusses intuitive eating and intuitive movement. They also discuss post baby bodies, working through negative self-talk, and their own continued struggles. This is just the beginning of this conversation as they plan to delve more into this topic with guests in the future.

Instagram accounts mentioned in this episode:
Carly Metcalf: @beautifullnutrition
Colleen Christensen: @no.food.rules
Bonnie Roney: @diet.culture.rebel

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