From Idea to Impact: Driving Change in the Rideshare Industry with Chad Mastagh

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Apr 10 2024 • 15 mins

Chad Mastagh set out on a journey to create a rideshare service that is different from the rest. In this episode, he talks about his own experiences of needing more from a rideshare company and how that led him to create a rideshare company that offers MORE!  Rides2U is a reservation-based rideshare service that started in South Bend, IN, and is currently expanding to Purdue University and Indiana University. Tune in as he talks about the inspiration that has helped him grow his business!

Top knowledge drops in this episode:

Chad talks about how he expanded his business from an idea to a blossoming rideshare company, equipped to offer a better customer experience than other rideshare companies. Driver discontent is at an all-time high with rideshare companies. Drivers go through many hoops and have poor experiences with traditional rideshare companies. Chad’s company has a mission to fill this gap by providing a better experience for drivers, which allows them to offer a better customer experience.

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Chad Mastagh, the founder and CEO of Rides2U, has been a local South Bend Firefighter since May of 2004. His current assignment is the Aerial Operator of Truck 3 which encompasses the University of Notre Dame campus and surrounding neighborhoods. He is responsible for the safe transport of his crew to and from emergency calls on a daily basis. Chad has also been employed at Ryder Truck Rental, Inc. since April of 2002. Duties at Ryder include daily dispatch of transfer drivers, working with customers on logistics as well as sales and marketing. Chad graduated from Indiana University South Bend with a degree in General Studies.

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