Own Your Expertise with Courtney Marchment | Ep.62

Diaries of a 6 figure Coach

Sep 12 2023 • 36 mins

This week, I had the pleasure to chat with one of my brilliant Strategic Mastermind Clients, Courtney Marchment. She is a CPCC Business + Executive Leadership Coach and an absolute powerhouse who has been blowing my mind with her incredible growth and big goals.

A lot of clients come to me wanting to scale their businesses quickly, but not everyone will do it FAST, but something about Courtney told me she was up for the challenge. And her work ethic, dedication, and expertise have supported her to gain major momentum.

Since we began this journey together in January, Courtney has successfully built multiple revenue streams in her business, working with both individual clients and corporate organizations. It's truly inspiring to see how she has found success while also maintaining a balanced lifestyle, including taking vacations and enjoying time with her family. And she just launched her IGNITE group program to help her clients do the same. By the time this airs a few spots may (or may not) remain to join her.

In today's episode, we dive into chatting about Courtney's journey of starting her coaching business and the transformation she experienced along the way. She started uncertain of what her business would look like, coming from a corporate background of 15 years. But with determination and a willingness to explore new opportunities, she found her niche in leadership and executive coaching. She seamlessly integrated her knowledge and experience from her previous job into her coaching practice, which led to early success.

However, as with any entrepreneurial journey, there were challenges along the way. In January of this year, Courtney faced a slump in her business due to the seasonal slowdown in the corporate world. This setback triggered self-doubt and self-sabotaging behaviour. That's when she made the decision to hire a coach (yours truly!), and everything changed. With focused guidance and strategic mentorship, Courtney regained her confidence and shifted her focus to what she was truly passionate about: leadership and executive coaching for corporate clients as well as business coaching for Consultants, Facilitators and Coaches.

One of the things we dive deep into in this episode is the importance of owning your expertise and trusting in your abilities to make a lasting impact. Courtney has walked this journey herself and knows firsthand the power of focusing on your strengths and staying true to your mission. What she has accomplished in the past months in her business is truly remarkable, so make sure to hit play and tune into this episode now.

Remember, success is not just about making money but also about enjoying the freedom and fulfilment that comes from doing what you love.

Embrace your personal power, embrace leadership, and embrace the joy of the journey. It's time to ignite your business and create a thriving coaching practice.


PS: If you're ready to take your coaching business to the next level, reach out to Courtney on Instagram HERE or visit her website at https://courtneymarchmentcoaching.com

Find out more about the IGNITE Coaching program HERE

About the Guest:

Courtney Marchment is a Certified Professional Executive + Business Coach, ACC CPCC and Founder of her coaching business where she serves teams and individuals globally. She brings 10+ years of experience as a Leadership Coach with extensive background in Learning and Development, Talent Development and Business Management. She works with driven and ambitious business leaders to reach their potential...