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The underground house music podcast.

Like two sides of a tape it's an almost 2 hour podcast setup in two parts, side A focusing on usually more downbeat tracks where MissingLink can talk about artists, record labels and tracks.

Side B is completely different, more upbeat, more gritty and more underground; this is where MissingLink lets the music do all the talking with a full hour mix of music you've never heard before. Expect the best in house, tech house, minimal, minimal techno, deep tech and lofi!

Join thousands that have tuned in to the podcast that has topped the charts in 15 countries and counting.

Check out my website for the history of the podcast here:

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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(Huxley) #S2009
Feb 4 2024
(Huxley) #S2009
Dive into the depths of house music with our latest podcast episode, where we explore the dark, profound beats of Huxley, a UK electronic music maestro, on Side A. Featuring tracks like "Dumb Safari" and "Let It Go," this side is a tribute to the artist who has shaped my musical journey. Side B delves even deeper, offering a meticulously curated 1 hour and 30-minute DJ mix of minimal and deep house, including gems like "The Waiting" by George FitzGerald and "Synchronicity" by Chris Stussy. Join us for this auditory journey across two distinct but equally captivating sonic landscapes.BLOG POST: Side A Tracklist:1. Huxley & :Russo - "Dumb Safari (Original Mix)"2. Huxley & Shenoda - "Premier"3. Huxley - "Let It Go (Original Mix)"4. Mike Richardson, Howard Sessions, KT Forrester, Huxley - "Looking Back (Huxley Remix)"5. Huxley, Daniel Solar - "Can See"6. Jordan Peak, Huxley - "Move With It (Huxley Warehouse Dub)"7. Huxley, Michael Dodman - "Creeper (Club)"8. Huxley, Michael Dodman - "Long Summer Night"9. Huxley, Shenoda, Sonny Fodera - "Premier (Sonny Fodera Remix)"Side B delves even deeper, offering a meticulously curated 1 hour and 30-minute DJ mix of minimal and deep house, featuring tracks that promise to captivate and enchant.Side B Tracklist:1. George FitzGerald feat. Lawrence Hart - "The Waiting"2. James Dexter - "And Then"3. James Dexter, Jack Swift - "Don’t Need You"4. Kreature - "Be Heavy (Original Mix)"5. J.O.S.H.U.A - "Let Me Dub You, Mumma Jo's Idea. (Original Mix)"6. Camilo (ARG) - "No Va Mas (Original Mix)"7. Mind Archives, Jacobo Saavedra - "A Million Dreams (Jacobo Saavedra Remix)"8. Chris Stussy - "Synchronicity (Original Mix)"9. LondonGround - "Tempo (Original Mix)"10. Parsec, Yogi P - "What You Know (Original Mix)"11. Kolter - "Seducer (Original Mix)"12. Bellaire - "Oh"13. Black Loops - "Mike The Dog"14. Dajae, Doorly - "It's About The Music Man (Original Mix)"15. Josh Butler - "Right Time (Original Mix)"16. Rendher, Richard Ulh - "Dancing Like Madonna (Original Mix)"17. Chris Gialanze - "Over That (Original Mix)"18. Dadou - "Imminere (Original Mix)"Stay connected with us across the web:Website: www.404missing.linkInstagram: @404_missinglinkTikTok: @404_missinglinkYouTube: 404missinglinkTune in to experience the finest in deep house, crafted with love and dedication. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
(Master Vibes) #S2008
Dec 25 2023
(Master Vibes) #S2008
🎉 **YEAR FINALE ALERT: 2023'S MUSICAL ODYSSEY CONCLUDES!** 🎶As we close the chapter on an incredible 2023, I'm excited to bring you the grand finale. This year has been a spectacular journey, adorned with unforgettable music and your unparalleled support. To commemorate this, I've crafted a special 2-hour mix that's set to elevate your vibes like never before. Looking ahead, 2024 is shimmering with promise! Get ready for more enchanting melodies, deeper explorations into the musical cosmos, and the unique vibes that define our journey together.📸 Dive deeper into my world of music and photography on Instagram: There, I frequently share exclusive content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and master vibes exclusive to my followers.A HUGE THANK YOU: Your support makes this journey extraordinary. Together, let's step into 2024 with enthusiasm and make it a year to remember! 🌟HASHTAGS: #FinalEpisode2023 #NewYearVibes #MusicJourney #404MissingLinkCHRISTMAS SPECIAL: UNVEILING THE TRACKLIST!As a festive treat, here's the tracklist for this exhilarating mix:1. Sous Controle (Original Mix) - Aron Volta2. ??? 😉3. U'll Get Over It (Levin Kee Remix) - The Stoned4. Body and Soul (Original Mix) - Seamus Shevlin5. Daydreamer - Across Boundaries6. Dance With Me (Jesse Maas Remix) - Charlie Banks7. Alright Alright (Original Mix) [CQC Mastering] V2 - Clarcq8. Sense of Future - Across Boundaries9. Lie Machine (Original Mix) - Jennings.10. Second Chances (Original Mix) - Criss Korey11. Libra (Original Mix) - Demarzo12. Daylight (Original Mix) - DJOKO13. Lover (Black Loops Remix) - James Pepper14. Inner Secrets (Original Mix) - Jesse Maas15. Dimension (CET) - Josh Butler, Olly Davis16. GTFOh (Original Mix) - Aldo Lizarazo17. Nightcreeper - Across Boundaries18. Office Gossip (Original Mix) - Prunk19. Persian Rose Feat. Zapéd (Extended Mix) - Sevader20. Dance Machine (Original Mix) - Chicks Luv Us21. Harlem Lights (Prunk Remix) - Darius Syrossian, Prunk22. Wrecked (Original Mix) - DJOKO23. Evening At Hanamachi - ScruscruCONNECT WITH ME:- Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
(Lofi) #S2-Bonus
May 12 2023
(Lofi) #S2-Bonus
This bonus episode delves into one of my current favorite underground music genres: Lofi. It was a pleasure to create this episode and show support for the talented artists I listen to every day. I hope you develop a newfound appreciation for them as well. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to subscribe to the podcast. Feel free to reach out and say hello through any of the social media links provided below. Your support means a lot!To explore further, I highly recommend checking out Lofi Records, where I sourced a majority of the music featured in this episode. They have an incredible collection of artists and releases on their label. Take a dive into their catalog to discover even more amazing Lofi music! Website: Instagram: 404_missinglink Facebook: 404missinglink Twitter: 404missing_linkTikTok: 404_missinglink TRACK 01:TITLE: "Remembering"PERFORMER: "Yestalgia"TIME: 00:00:03TRACK 02:TITLE: "Remembrance ft. Jhove"PERFORMER: "kokoro"TIME: 00:02:14TRACK 03:TITLE: "Gilded Voyage ft. Simong Groß"PERFORMER: "BVG"TIME: 00:04:35TRACK 04:TITLE: "Summer Nights ft. Pandrezz"PERFORMER: "l'Outlander"TIME: 00:06:56TRACK 05:TITLE: "Lost World"PERFORMER: "Squeeda"TIME: 00:09:08TRACK 06:TITLE: "Goshen"PERFORMER: "l'Outlander"TIME: 00:11:53TRACK 07:TITLE: "Hamsin"PERFORMER: "l'Outlander"TIME: 00:14:18TRACK 08:TITLE: "Trying To Sleep"PERFORMER: "WYS"TIME: 00:16:00TRACK 09:TITLE: "Shelter"PERFORMER: "WYS"TIME: 00:18:19TRACK 10:TITLE: "To The Euphrates"PERFORMER: "l'Outlander"TIME: 00:21:01TRACK 11:TITLE: "Counting"PERFORMER: "Yasumu"TIME: 00:23:54TRACK 12:TITLE: "Distant Thoughts ft. Hoogway"PERFORMER: "Towerz"TIME: 00:26:11TRACK 13:TITLE: "Hope For Harmony"PERFORMER: "Juliàn"TIME: 00:29:09TRACK 14:TITLE: "Mother Earth"PERFORMER: "Laffey"TIME: 00:31:26TRACK 15:TITLE: "Inertia ft. tonbo"PERFORMER: "squeeda"TIME: 00:34:02TRACK 16:TITLE: "Silk Touch ft. Simong Groß"PERFORMER: "BVG"TIME: 00:36:03TRACK 17:TITLE: "Illusions"PERFORMER: "Yasumu"TIME: 00:38:12TRACK 18:TITLE: "Its been a long day ft. WYS"PERFORMER: "Jhove"TIME: 00:40:48TRACK 19:TITLE: "Friday Night With You"PERFORMER: "Pandrezz"TIME: 00:42:49TRACK 20:TITLE: "Gravity Free ft. Mondo Loops"PERFORMER: "Laffey"TIME: 00:44:58TRACK 21:TITLE: "When It Feels Right"PERFORMER: "WYS"TIME: 00:47:53TRACK 22:TITLE: "WYS - Simple Dreams"PERFORMER: "Various Artist"TIME: 00:50:25TRACK 23:TITLE: "Never Let Me Go"PERFORMER: "WYS"TIME: 00:52:57TRACK 24:TITLE: "Epiphany"PERFORMER: "WYS"TIME: 00:55:31TRACK 25:TITLE: "Just Wait ft. aMessJust Wait ftPERFORMER: "Yasumu"TIME: 00:57:40TRACK 26:TITLE: "Constellations ft. Simong Groß"PERFORMER: "BVG"TIME: 00:59:56TRACK 27:TITLE: "Submerge ft. Squeeda"PERFORMER: "Ambulo"TIME: 01:01:56TRACK 28:TITLE: "Collapse ft. squeeda"PERFORMER: "Nuver"TIME: 01:04:46 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
(minimal @ the cabin) #121
Jun 7 2021
(minimal @ the cabin) #121
This is an almost 4 hour mix from my set at the cabin! Was my first real gig back since covid and I thought it would be a good idea to drop the whole mix here on the podcast, I do a bit of talking about various tracks and the night itself. Enjoy! Tracklist: Sidney Charles - Grindin (Original Mix)Felipe Cobos, Zuckre - Desub (Zuckre Remix)David Balmont, Edu Saiz - I Want To You Know (Original Mix)Daniel Sanchez, Nima Gorji, Lolu Menayed - One [Morning Favorites] (Lolu Menayed Remix)Palmiz - Semore (Original Mix)Chris Stussy - Evening Drive (Original Mix)Juliche Hernandez - Colored Theater (Original Mix)Tapesh, Toochi (SA) - Don't Go (Original Mix)Mason Collective - Move Papi (Luuk Van Dijk Remix)DJOKO - Wrecked (Original Mix)Tom Spark - Mind Again (Original Mix)Toman - Don't Hesitate (Original Mix)Parsec (UK) - Confinement (Original Mix)DJOKO - One Last (Original Mix)Wodda - Whiskey (Original Mix)Paluma - BritneyZYNK - Dreaming (Original Mix)Hector Couto - Wata MoodDemarzo - I Came To Party (Original Mix)Elliot Chapman, Hart & Neenan - Patience (Sidney Charles Remix)Jaden Thompson - Thirsty Eyes (Original Mix)Luuk Van Dijk - Lose Control (Original Mix)MADVILLA, Mihai Popoviciu - Lipid (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)Martin Occo - Move Your Body (Original Mix)ANOTR, Toman - Gamba RojaToomy Disco - What Is Real (Original Mix)Sunday Noise - Profesia (Original Mix)Aron Volta, Hart & Neenan - My Mind (Original Mix)Sergio Sergi - Stomp The Beat (Original Mix)Luuk Van Dijk, Sidney Charles - Suavo (Sidney Charles Remix)Christian Burkhardt& Daniel Roth, Max Chapman - Get Up (Max Chapman Remix)Crowd Controlol, Ukulore, Robbie Doherty - The White Rabbit (feat. Ukulore) (Robbie Doherty Remix)Demarzo - People Moving (Original Mix)Eddy M - BangM-High - Dark Nights (Original Mix)BADEO - Atomic (Original Mix)James Dexter - And Julian - Robbed Figure (Original Mix)LewRaz - Into It (Original Mix)Lucati - Cheeky Beet (Original Mix)Martin Occo, Alessio Bianchi - First Love (Original Mix)Mehlor - Cyclops (Original Mix)Chris Stussy, Toman - Whatudo (Original Mix)M-High - Days Past (Original Mix)Prunk, JT Donaldson - Through The Walls (JT Donaldson Remix)Saison - Moments Website: Instagram: 404_missinglink Facebook: 404missinglink Twitter: 404missing_link Hosted on Acast. See for more information.