019 Welcome To The Construction Zone - Audio

The Mantour Guy Podcast

Jan 15 2018 • 36 mins

The Mantour Guy is joined by 7 members of the Mantour Advisory Board to share with you what to expect at the 2018 Mantour Conferences.

Joey Cullen shares how his church went about promoting the Mantour Conferences last year and how you can encourage your men to attend.

Tyler Drost describes what worship is like at a Mantour Conference.

Jamie Zirkle discusses the altar time during the Main Session.

John Bowman shares what is great about the workshops at a Mantour Conference.

Dan Courtney describes the resources available at a Mantour Conference.

Walt Smith shares abut the Mantour Challenge and how he has seen firsthand the results of the Challenge in the prisons.

Craig Cross shares how Mantours bring men from different churches but the same area together and why this is important.

In the Mantour Guy Final Thought, Jamie gives you a personal invitation to attend your local Mantour Conference and what He believes God is going to do through this years conferences.

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