Raven Eckman - Inside The Mind Of A Editor/Writer

Crave Books

Nov 8 2021 • 31 mins

Episode Summary

In this episode, Raven talks about her books, what inspired her to write, and how she manages her editor mindset with while writing her books.


  • Raven’s books are in the young adult and new adult categories.
  • She was drawn to fantasy in her youth because it helped her escape from the drama of daily life.
  • It took Raven 5 years to complete her first book, Shadowspeak
  • Shadowspeak was originally going to be a short story.
  • In college, Raven specialized in fiction.
  • In her early writing sessions Raven liked the television on or music.
  • Now she prefers a quiet environment.
  • Raven has a German Shepherd named Atlas and 4 cats.
  • Adrienne Young and Leigh Bardugo are two of Raven’s favorite authors.
  • Working with an editor has helped Raven connect with the writers that she works with.
  • Raven plans on continuing to her work as an editor while she writes.
  • Raven likes to have some visual reference for inspiration when she writes. She will often view images on Pinterest.
  • Raven is a fan of Supernatural and Jensen Ackles.
  • Her advice to anybody thinking about writing is “don’t wait”.

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