DF Hart - Writer Of Romance & Thrillers

Crave Books

Oct 5 2021 • 29 mins

Episode Summary

In this episode we welcome one of our favorite authors Denna Hart aka DF Hart and Faith Hart.

She has lots of secrets under her pen. She is a multifaceted personality whose passion is reflected in her choice of genre from thriller to romance and she can do it all with ease!   Tune in today as Denna takes us through some of her interesting stories she encountered while moving between worlds, both literal and literary!


  • Denna opens up about her passions for writing and accounting.
  • She tells us how she manages to juggle both professions?
  • You’ll find out how she gets inspired as a writer?
  • Find out how she stays focused on writing with a day job.
  • What she does to overcome writer's block.

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