Leslie Hachtel - Heart....Soul....Words - Romance Author

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Jan 11 2022 • 29 mins

Episode Summary

In this episode, Leslie reveals the books and authors that inspired her the most. She discusses what she likes in a heroin character. She explains her style of “going there” to help her maintain focus and write.


  • Leslie writes in her own home office and has a sign on the door that qualifies entry during writing.
  • When Leslie writes, she transports herself mentally into the story. She refers to the technique as “going there” and she can maintain focus and lose track of the real world.
  • Sewing, painting, jewelry crafting, and beach walks are some of Leslie’s favorite hobbies.
  • She finds the ocean calming and she loves how it clears her head.
  • Leslie has an 11-month-old Doodle named Josie.
  • Leslie reads two to three books a week.
  • Salem’s Lot was a very influential book for Leslie. After reading it she knew that she wanted to write.
  • Kathleen Woodiwiss was also a large influence for Leslie.
  • Leslie isn’t comfortable writing in first person.
  • Leslie has published 16 books.
  • Love in the Mix is a cookbook for romance readers. Top romance writers contributed recipes and anecdotes. 100% of the profits are spent for Pro Literacy.
  • Leslie finds the middle of the story the most difficult to write.
  • Appropriate and accurate research is critical in Leslie’s mind.
  • Favorite food: chocolate.
  • Leslie highly recommends Pinot noir and chocolate cupcakes.

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