Debi Chestnut - Ghost Hunter & Author Of Mysteries

Crave Books

Nov 24 2021 • 26 mins

Episode Summary

In this episode, Debi talks about writing in her youth and how her great aunt inspired her. She also discusses her books, what inspires her, as well as some of the unexplainable things that she has experienced while ghost hunting.


  • Debi writes nonfiction paranormal and fictional mysteries.
  • Debi started writing when she was 5. Her great aunt was an English professor.
  • When Debi was raising her kids, she took an extended break but at 43 she began writing again.
  • Debi can write most places but always has her good luck gargoyle and a cup of coffee.
  • History, boating, and ghost hunting are some of Debi’s hobbies when not writing.
  • Debi is currently reading Play Dead by Ted Decker.
  • Ted Decker is one of her favorite authors.
  • Is Your House Haunted is a DIY book for determining if your home is haunted and by what?
  • Debi has been ghost hunting for over 30 years.
  • Debi has experienced things that could not be explained.
  • Legacy of Blood releases December of 2021.
  • Something Wicked was the most challenging book for Debi to write.
  • Writing helps Debi relieve stress.
  • All it takes is an email from a reader saying that they liked your work and it’s worth it.

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