Voices of OUTCAN Podcast


An interview based podcast, hosted by Military Family Services U.S., that explores the lives of Canadian Armed Forces Families who are posted outside of Canada - often for years at a time. Get a glimpse into the CAF OUTCAN world with these unique stories of resiliency and courage. Share in their struggles, and cheer for their triumphs. Here are the voices of our OUTCAN families!
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Pilot Episode
Sep 28 2020
6 mins
Episode 10: Learning to Pivot on OUTCANEpisode 9: Finding Perspective on OUTCANEpisode 8: Stronger in All Ways on OUTCANEpisode 7: Progress Not Perfection On OUTCANEpisode 6: Finding Happiness on OUTCANEpisode 5: Appreciate Everything & Be KindEpisode 4: Adoption Story Part 2 - From Mr. & Mrs. to Mom & DadEpisode 3: Adoption Story Part 1 – A Forever FamilyEpisode 2: Horoscope Necklaces and Butterflies - 2 Women's OUTCAN Breast Cancer JourneysEpisode 1: They know we are the CanadiansPilot Episode