"Cracking the Emotional Code of Real Marketing: A Conversation with Kevin Donlin of Client Cloning Systems"

Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast (The REmarketing Podcast)

Mar 12 2024 • 17 mins

Summary of "Cracking the Emotional Code of Real Marketing: A Conversation with Kevin Donlin of Client Cloning Systems"

In a thoughtful discussion about real marketing, Kevin emphasizes the significance of understanding the emotional reasons why people choose to buy from you. He suggests that these insights can often be found in testimonials and online reviews. For those just starting out, examining competitors' reviews and testimonials can also be enlightening. Kevin mentions that utilizing AI, like ChatGPT, can help identify themes and commonalities in these reviews, providing a glimpse into what customers value most, such as trustworthiness and efficiency.

Kevin underscores the importance of paying attention to emotional words and outliers in reviews, as these can be utilized in various marketing materials, such as headlines in print ads or subject lines in emails. He believes that you don’t necessarily have to create great sales messages if you can listen and identify them from your customers. Furthermore, he emphasizes that listening during conversations can reveal potential promotional themes and headlines that could be lucrative.

He shares an example involving software, which may not initially seem emotionally impactful. A client mentioned, “I can go home early” because of using the software, highlighting an emotional benefit that became a potent headline for a promotion. Kevin stresses that the words are there if you look and listen for them. Real marketing involves using the genuine words of actual buyers and being tangible and real in your interactions.

Kevin also discusses the concept of being tangible and real, referencing the book "The Revenge of Analog". He notes that people crave tangible connections and experiences, even in a digital age. He shares his experience working with records, highlighting the tactile and ceremonial aspects of using them, which contrasts sharply with the simplicity and impersonality of digital platforms like Spotify.

In the realm of tangible connections, Kevin also highlights the power of direct mail and thank-you notes. He shares that studies indicate people become more involved with tangible items compared to digital content. Trust is also higher with tangible items, which can be crucial in building referrals. He shares that a simple thank-you note can be incredibly powerful in delighting people and building trust.

Jerome "Mr. Implementation" Lewis agrees with Kevin, emphasizing that print books sell at least four times more than digital books and that younger generations prefer tangible items, including mail. He mentions a study that revealed millennials prefer tangible items because they legitimize companies. Jerome also shares personal experiences of receiving thank-you notes and newsletters from Kevin, highlighting that these tangible touches are impactful and memorable.

Mastering Real Marketing: A Conversation with Kevin Donlin on Making a Lasting Impact

This video features Jerome Lewis interviewing Kevin Donlin, founder of Client Cloning Systems. They discuss effective marketing strategies, focusing on client retention, referrals, and the importance of tangible, real-world touches in marketing to build trust and enhance business growth.


Jerome Lewis and Kevin Donlin explore the power of real marketing, emphasizing the importance of client retention, referrals, and tangible marketing materials. Kevin shares practical strategies to build trust, surprise and delight clients, and leverage real-world touches to create lasting impacts.

Key points

🎯 Client Cloning Systems: Kevin helps founders and presidents grow their businesses by cloning their best clients through effective client retention and referral strategies.

📈 Retention and Referrals: Focuses on serving existing clients well, staying in contact, and turning one client...