"From School Counselor to Real Estate Powerhouse: Stephanie Smith's Inspiring Story"

Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast (The REmarketing Podcast)

Mar 26 2024 β€’ 43 mins

Welcome to The Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast, where host Jerome Lewis engages in an inspiring conversation with the unstoppable force that is Stephanie "My Life Is Real Estate" Smith. In this episode, we delve into the world of fix and flip real estate, the power of networking, and the importance of building lasting relationships.

Stephanie Smith's journey in real estate is nothing short of remarkable. A persistent closer known for her quick thinking, strategic decision-making, and witty humor, Stephanie discovered the importance of ownership at an early age. During college, armed with her college refund check, she embarked on a mission to buy her first home. After viewing around a hundred properties, Stephanie made a choice that would unknowingly set her on a path to success - the home she selected appreciated threefold in less than a year. This serendipitous discovery marked the beginning of Stephanie's exciting journey into real estate.

Before her career took off as a real estate investor, Stephanie served as a Certified School Counselor in Pennsylvania for three years and in the Dominican Republic for one year. However, when her contract was not renewed, Stephanie took it as a sign to reassess her passion and purpose. Her unwavering desire to help others led her to channel her energy into providing quality and affordable options for renters and homebuyers.

Today, Stephanie wears multiple hats as the CEO of Wake of Investments Academy, where she educates others on finding, funding, and fixing homes. She is also the Owner and Operator of Philly Made Construction, a Licensed and Insured Black and Female Owned General Contracting Company. In addition to these achievements, Stephanie is a licensed real estate agent, wholesaler, Airbnb host, landlord, and investor. With three college degrees under her belt, she somehow finds time to help others, indulge in adventurous activities like tree climbing, and relax on a beautiful beach.

Join us for an inspiring episode as Stephanie shares her journey from school counselor to real estate powerhouse. Learn how she thrives in fix and flip real estate, the art of networking, and the transformative impact of community involvement. Stephanie Smith's story is a testament to the limitless possibilities in the world of real estate and the importance of forging meaningful connections along the way.

From School Counselor to Real Estate Powerhouse: Stephanie Smith's Inspiring Story

This video features Jerome Lewis interviewing Stephanie Smith, a dynamic real estate investor and entrepreneur. Stephanie shares her journey from being a school counselor to becoming a successful real estate investor, emphasizing the importance of education, networking, and strategic decision-making.


Stephanie Smith's transition from a school counselor to a real estate powerhouse demonstrates the impact of perseverance, education, and networking. Her story highlights the value of owning property, the power of creative financing, and the significance of helping others in the community.

Key points

🎯 Real Estate Beginnings: Stephanie started her real estate journey by purchasing her first home using her college refund check.

πŸ“ˆ Triple Appreciation: Her first property appreciated three times its purchase price in under a year, jumpstarting her real estate career.

πŸ“Š Career Shift: Transitioned from being a school counselor to a real estate investor after facing job rejection.

πŸ’‘ Networking Importance: Emphasizes the role of networking events and groups in finding deals and building relationships.

🏑 Creative Strategies: Utilized house hacking and renting out rooms, inspired by her mother's experience.

πŸš€ Business Ventures: Founded Wake Up Investments Academy and Philly Made Construction, empowering others to invest in real estate.

πŸ’¬ Mentorship and Education: Provides...