If I Claimed To Be A Victim, Here's What I Could Say - Jerome "Mr. Implementation" Lewis (Jerome's Story)

Real Estate Marketing Implementation Podcast (The REmarketing Podcast)

May 28 2024 β€’ 37 mins

If I Claimed To Be A Victim, Here's What I Could Say - Jerome "Mr. Implementation" Lewis (Jerome's Story)

"Overcoming Adversity: Jerome 'Mr. Implementation' Lewis on Resilience, Real Estate, and Success"

This video features Jerome Lewis discussing how he could claim victimhood based on various life experiences but chooses not to. He emphasizes the importance of taking control and not letting life's hardships define one's identity or success.

Jerome Lewis shares his personal experiences and challenges, demonstrating how he could view himself as a victim. However, he chooses to focus on resilience, growth, and the power of implementation, encouraging others to do the same.

Key points

🎯 Role Play Call: Highlighted the importance of role-playing to build confidence in real estate negotiations.

πŸ’‘ Empathy and Resilience: Shared personal experiences to illustrate empathy without succumbing to victimhood.

πŸ“ˆ Life's Challenges: Emphasized that everyone faces difficulties, but it's crucial to keep moving forward.

πŸš€ Implementation Focus: Stressed the importance of taking action and implementing learned skills.

🌟 Personal Growth: Shared his journey of overcoming obstacles and growing from experiences.

πŸ› οΈ STRIKE Method: Briefly touched on the STRIKE method for achieving success.

🏑 Real Estate Journey: Discussed his path to becoming a real estate investor and agent.

πŸ“š Authorship: Proudly mentioned his accomplishment as a best-selling author.

πŸ‘₯ Introversion: Explained how being an introvert hasn't hindered his success.

πŸ’¬ Assertiveness: Highlighted the importance of being assertive and standing up for oneself.


  1. Introduction: Jerome introduces the topic, explaining his perspective on victimhood and resilience.
  2. Role Play Experience: Shares how a role-playing call helped build confidence in real estate dealings.
  3. Personal Loss: Talks about the loss of his mother and how he dealt with it, emphasizing resilience.
  4. Facing Life's Challenges: Encourages viewers to handle life's challenges without letting them hinder progress.
  5. Overcoming Adversity: Details his childhood experiences, including being dropped on his head and witnessing his father's struggles.
  6. Bullying and Abuse: Discusses being bullied and abused, and how these experiences shaped his resilience.
  7. Gang Involvement: Reflects on his involvement in gangs and how he overcame that phase of his life.
  8. Single Parent Household: Talks about being raised by a single mother and the challenges that came with it.
  9. Professional Success: Highlights his achievements in marketing, real estate, and as a best-selling author.
  10. Philosophy of Resilience: Concludes with a motivational message about choosing not to be a victim and focusing on expansion and...