”Gosh, Stand Up”

The Day After TNB

Jul 27 2022 • 1 hr 35 mins

Today on The Day After,

  • (03:02) Headlines: Host of Rishi Sunak & Liz Truss debate faints live on air, NY Bishop robbed of $1m during live streamed sermon
  • (08:01) What You Sayin? Why can’t men/women of God wear flashy clothes and expensive jewellery?
  • (38:54) Headlines: Egyptian tiktoker held in Saudi arabia over her posts, Evidence points to Covid starting in market and not a lab
  • (50:22) Word On Road: Texas shooter claims to be Chris Brown’s wife, Beyoncé world’s greatest living entertainer, Fans worry about Coi Leray
  • (01:00:05) Wellness Wednesdays
  • (01:07:23) Love Island:The Day After
  • (01:26:55) Headlines: Archie Battersbee update.
  • (01:29:04) Done Out 'Ere:
  • (01:33:46) Outro