”Neyo Is A Hatfisher”

The Day After TNB

Aug 1 2022 • 2 hrs 52 mins

Today on The Day After,

  • (16:29) Headlines: Nadine Dorries criticised for retweeting backstabbing image of Rishi Sunak, Rebekah Vardy loses libel case to Coleen Rooney
  • (26:45) What You Sayin? What is acceptable for a first date?
  • (01:03:46) Headlines: Prince Charles accepts £1m donation from Bin Laden’s family, Are Labour changing for the worse, Black barrister wins compensation for discrimination
  • (01:08:13) Word On Road: RIP Nichelle Nichols (the Black woman from Star Trek), Jada Pollock pregnant, wizkid’s baby maybe? Shakira facing 8 years in jail, Will Smith apologises, Neyo being the bad boy he is
  • (01:33:23) The People's Journal: US Economy shrinks, Households can’t afford increase in energy bills, Nestle increase prices, Octopus energy to buy Bulb
  • (01:38:36) The Rotation: Jae5, Wstrn, Beyonce, Lil Uzi Vert
  • (01:59:37) Love Island:The Day After
  • (02:31:41) Headlines: Algeria prefer English to French, RIP Bill Russell, England win Euro 2022
  • (02:44:43) Done Out 'Ere: Neyo & WIfe & Will Smith
  • (02:49:29) Outro