”That Looks Like John Boyega”

The Day After TNB

Jul 28 2022 • 1 hr 44 mins

Today on The Day After,

  • (06:05) Headlines: Keir Starmer sacks minister for standing with rail strikes, Wuhan is back in lockdown after 4 new Covid cases
  • (11:21) What You Sayin? Are men deceiving women with shape ups?
  • (01:00:13) Headlines: 2 more Chibok girls found in Nigeria, More train strikes
  • (01:03:51) Word On Road: Kate Ferdinand miscarriage news, Lil Duval crash, Lamar Odom wyling, Beyoncé album leaked
  • (01:11:38) Woke Or Joke
  • (01:21:37) Love Island:The Day After
  • (01:34:28) Headlines: The Met Police fail again to sack senior Black officer
  • (01:37:18) Done Out 'Ere: Transgender man tricked victims into having sex with him
  • (01:43:41) Outro