”What Ism Is This?”

The Day After TNB

Jul 12 2022 • 1 hr 49 mins

Today on The Day After,

  • (09:28) Headlines: Germany worried that Russia will shut off gas supply, Amber warning issued
  • (14:07) What You Sayin? Does this pregnant lady have a point given Roe vs Wade is overturned?
  • (27:56) Headlines: India to overtake China as the most populous by 2023, The Sri Lankan people finally get some fuel even if supplies are limited
  • (56:34) Word On Road: Mo Farrah, Doja Cat
  • (01:19:47) Love Island: The Day After
  • (01:41:30) Headlines: More issues with British Airways, Santander Brixton gets robbed with ease
  • (01:43:50) Done Out 'Ere: Santander Brixton
  • (01:48:36) Outro