Do not Spend Time Considering Some Ones Age, Spend it Evaluating and Tapping Into Their Talents

Surfacing Inclusive Leadership

Dec 12 2022 • 12 mins

Caitlyne Gonzalez

You might remember this young lady, 10, who experienced what no child ever should, a school shooting and the failure of the system meant to protect her and the other children and teachers in Uvalde. So this discussion of leadership is different. Yes, it focuses on the reaction of children under pressure. Children who at 10 or 12 step up and lead. They confront city councils, police departments and even congress, showing bravery beyond their years. It also asks this question, why like steel, heated to high temperatures, with the right carbon, do some people become stronger under pressure, actually forged by fire. Children grow up over night and discover their purpose in life. The kind of pressure being discussed is life threatening and life altering.