How 2021 Influencer Marketing has Evolved for Brands and Women

8-Second Branding Podcast

Sep 16 2021 • 1 hr

Learn How Influencer Marketing has Evolved for Brands and Women in 2021 by listening to this timely 8-Second Branding Podcast interview with Jessy Grossman (CEO of Tribe Monday and Founder /President of WIIM) and your Host and Goody PR Founder Liz H Kelly. Based on being an Influencer Talent Agent and Influencer Marketing Consultant, Jessy explains how brands should get started with a campaign, the difference between working with a celebrity with a TV show versus an influencer in a niche audience with a lot of followers on social media, and why she built WIIM (Women In Influencer Marketing) to create a professional network of women who support each other. You’ll also hear Liz give examples of successful influencer marketing and social good campaigns for Jukin Media (that was just sold to a Reader’s Digest company) and the Sundance Film Festival. Towards the end, you’ll learn alarming statistics about women in business that explain why Jessy is so focused on promoting women. For more information on Jessy Grossman and her WIIM community, visit