DEAD HEAT (w/ Frank and Geoff)

The Cannon Canon

Sep 24 2021 • 1 hr 58 mins

HEY, YOU'RE HURT! LADY I'M F-ING DEAD! Yep, you got that right. Today, The Cannon Bros (Frank and Geoff) are doing a COULD'VE Been A Cannon on the 1988 Treat Williams/Joe Piscopo horror/comedy/cop movie vehicle "DEAD HEAT" (from Cannon kissin' cousin New World Pictures). Also known as "Young Geoff's most rented movie". Find out with the Cannon Bros how this movie psychologically scarred us both as children and now. Was it from the horrific, crazier than an Italian gore film practical effects from the great Steve Johnson? Was it from the existential questions that this movie poses and does not answer? Or was it simply from the amount of Joe Piscopo being Joe Piscopo you have to deal with? No matter what, The Cannon Bros cover it all while doing piles and piles of Joe Piscopo/Frank Sinatra impressions and "Uzi Doozies". And keep your eyes peeled for what special effects were clearly leftovers from "Big Trouble In Little China". Plot be damned, you are gonna like the way you Piscopo's shoulder-padded leather jacket!


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