Welcome to the UnRuley Leadership podcast! In this very first episode, I talk about what inspired me to make a podcast and how listening to the podcast will help you to fulfill your greatest career aspirations.

Even though I’m a leadership & life coach, my background is actually in economics and I had never even heard of the term ‘emotional intelligence’ before my thirties! I discovered the world of leadership development by accident when I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In and I’ve been hooked on leadership books ever since. I decided to make the UnRuley Leadership to share my thoughts on energetic leadership, productivity, achieving a work-life balance, style and more.

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[1:00] Why I decided to make a podcast

[1:46] How I started out in the field of leadership and career development

[5:09] The book that inspired me to make a podcast

[7:45] What ‘UnRuley leadership’ actually means

[10:33] It’s time to ditch the rules around leadership

[12:20] What I’ll cover in the podcast

[16:45] What does it mean to ‘have it all’?

[18:29] Let me know who you want me to bring on to the show!

[18:58] Please head to iTunes to leave a review

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