Nurturing Children’s Spirits in Nature with Wildlings Forest School

The Simply Kids Wellness Podcast

Jul 14 2021 • 29 mins

If you want to hear how you can help nurture your children's spirits in nature, listen to the philosophy of the Wildlings Forest School. The Wildlings Forest School provides the time, space, and mentors for free play in the forest to allow nature immersion that fosters connection, curiosity, and play-based learning.

In the Wildlings Forest School, kids get permission to be kids again, get dirt back into childhood and choose their own adventures. We chat with Nicki Farrell who co-founded the Wildlings Forest school. Nicki and her business partner, Vicci Oliver, founded Wildlings Forest School in 2017 after being unable to find a local school that fit their children's need for outdoor learning and nature connection.

The Wildlings Forest School is now in its 4th year and continues to provide play-based learning experiences for children in supported yet unstructured outdoor spaces across South East Queensland, Australia. Wildlings believe that children deserve the freedom to play, explore and take reasonable risks. Wildlings aim to help children build resilience, connection, and environmental stewardship through wild adventure and nature immersion.

Find out more at https://www.wildlingsforestschool.com/