Supporting families with Twins and Triplets with Twinfo

The Simply Kids Wellness Podcast

Jun 7 2021 • 29 mins

Parenthood can be challenging at any time by especially so with twins, triplets, or multiple births. Supporting families with twins and triplets is made easier with online supportive communities like Twinfo.

Naomi Dorland is a twin mum and the founder of Twinfo that celebrates, informs, and supports families of multiple birth parents. Naomi has a passion for all things multiple and is the co-host ofTalking Twins and more - a multiple birth podcast. Talking Twins and More is a podcast from two twin mums, both of whom have totally different stories about the challenges that parents of multiples face. It discusses the good, bad and ugly and hosts guests that are parents of multiples to share their stories.
You can follow them on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/talkingtwinsandmore/

Twinfo is also a directory of services and products that truly meet the needs of multiple birth families and is the largest online supportive community for parents of twins and triplets.

Find out more about Twinfo at www.twinfo.com.au and join them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TwinfoAustralia