Supporting Parents,Teens and Tweens to Live Harmoniously with Amaze In Mind

The Simply Kids Wellness Podcast

Nov 21 2021 • 26 mins

Do you want to shout less and connect more with your teens and tweens? Do you want to hear how you can have a healthy and harmonious relationship with your teens and tweens whilst parenting from a place aligned with your values? Then listen to this episode with Wendy Bennett who is a mentor for teens, tweens, and their parents and offers online support, courses, and resources to navigate these often challenging years.

Wendy originally created the online Amaze In Mind App to help teenagers. It offers content that can teach them skills to grow, express themselves and feel connected during their tween and teen years. It allows them to get to know themselves better and develop a secure sense of self. Wendy believes that also teaching parents the skills and understanding of the milestones in teenage years can create awareness and empathy for parents to bond and deepen their relationships.

Wendy has developed an online course called the Chaos to Calm Parenting course as well as an online community of support, to share her expertise and experiences as a counsellor and mother. The course can help parents relate to their kids and become aware of what’s driving their interactions and why things might not be going as they wish. Wendy has developed 6 parenting principles that she uses when working with parents and the 4-week program is an introduction to these principles as well as helping parents achieve some quick wins in shouting less and connecting more with their kids.

Find out more at https://mailchi.mp/ddb8a44376c8/chaos-to-calm-parenting-course

Website - http://amazeinmind.org.au/parent-support/

Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/425903905289783