Celebrating Kids Personalities with Gorgeous Grubs

The Simply Kids Wellness Podcast

Oct 18 2021 • 17 mins

Kids are inspiring, resilient, accepting, determined, funny human beings and their personalities and uniqueness should be celebrated! Gorgeous Grubs does this in a fun way with tie-dyed clothing!

Meegan Conwell is the creator and owner of Gorgeous Grubs, a clothing label designed to celebrate our kids and their stories. Meegan is a mum to three gorgeous kids, Jimmy, and twins Bianca and Zoey and they all inspired her to take up tie-dyeing as a way of capturing their crazy personalities.

Meegan is also a primary school teacher and celebrates all kids and their amazing stories through her bright colourful shirts to raise awareness and learn from their resilience, determination, and playful attitudes. From twinhood to the TSC journey, to CHD awareness, to rainbow families empowerment. There are an infinite number of stories to be shared and Gorgeous Grubs celebrates this through each piece of colourful clothing that has been hand-made with love.

Find out more at https://www.gorgeousgrubs.com.au/