Nurturing Children’s Wellbeing through Dinner Conversations with Around the Table

The Simply Kids Wellness Podcast

Aug 9 2021 • 30 mins

Do you want to discover how to nurture your children’s wellbeing through dinner conversations? Around the Table has created simple and fun ways to connect with our kids and create family rituals through dinner conversation cards.

Around the Table have Family Dinner Conversation Cards to enrich our relationships with our children through conversation at shared family mealtimes. Danielle Barrett is the founder of Around the Table, a service designed to make dinnertime easier and more enjoyable so families can enjoy the many benefits of eating dinner together.

Danielle’s background is in primary school teaching and together with a child psychologist and two school counsellors, they created the questions for the conversation cards. Children enjoy choosing the cards and the questions can be lighthearted whilst simultaneously giving insight into your child’s wellbeing.

Scientific research shows that sharing mealtimes and engaging in conversation with children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers can enhance their social and mental wellbeing. Danielle suggests starting small by organising regular family meals during the week, making dinner fun, and sharing our experiences with our children.

During times of lockdown, families have experienced how the dinner cards can encourage regular connections over mealtimes and how they can provide comfort, support, and security to our children through simple family rituals.

Find out more at https://aroundthetable.com.au/collections/activity-cards

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