The Benefits of Kinesiology for School Children and Teenagers with Mel Ryan 100% You

The Simply Kids Wellness Podcast

May 10 2021 • 31 mins

The benefits of Kinesiology are endless in helping us balance mind, body, and spirit. The benefits of Kinesiology for school kids and teenagers are profound as it can help them feel listened to, understood, and connected.

Mel Ryan is back in Part II of the Kinesiology in Kids series and helps discuss how children can find balance in a natural and holistic way for their wellbeing. Kinesiology can help children understand their emotions, behaviours and feelings, and empower children to take the next step of problem-solving their challenges.

Mel shares her stories and experiences of working with school-aged children and teenagers and the common themes in these stages of childhood. The feeling of belonging and being understood can be made easier when there is balance in our children's wellbeing.

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