Conscious and Connected Parenting with The Earthway Approach

The Simply Kids Wellness Podcast

Aug 16 2021 • 23 mins

The Earthway Approach aims to support families on their unique parenting journey through conscious and connected parenting. It supports a community of like-minded families that choose to consciously parent and connect with their babies, lean away from societal norms, and lean into attachment. There are so many styles of parenting out there and sometimes you need guidance and support to connect to your children in a way that suits your family.

Nikki Smith is the founder of the Earthway Approach and was inspired to support new families into their fourth trimester and toddler years after her own experience of motherhood and postnatal depression. Nikki is a mother to three children and has been a registered nurse, holds a Postgraduate in Maternal Child and Family Nursing and has been working and supporting families on the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and now the Central Coast of NSW, Australia over the past 5 years.

Nikki is currently studying counselling and is the author of her newly released book 'Honest Motherhood- Words of comfort and musings into motherhood.' Her expertise is in early infancy and toddler behaviour, she is passionate about maternal and infant mental health and wellbeing as well as providing holistic conscious parenting support with a whole family approach.

Every family is unique and she helps parents become aware of their own temperament, their children’s temperaments and their parenting style. Her parent centred approach to family connections builds the foundation for love, compassion & empathy, as well as self-empowerment.

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