Decentralized Ops

Gil Hildebrand

How do web3's biggest brands scale their operations? From accounting to payments, financial reporting, and treasury management, join Gil Hildebrand as he speaks with industry leaders to discuss the tools and best practices you can put in place to prepare your organization for growth. Hosted by Gil Hildebrand, CEO of Gilded Newsletter - Blog - LinkedIn - Twitter - read less

0. What is Decentralized Ops?
Sep 29 2022
0. What is Decentralized Ops?
Operators need clarity — and better tools — to scale confidently in web3. The age of workarounds is over: it's time for Decentralized Ops. Gil Hildebrand and Farrah Ross Appleman of Gilded introduce the concept of Decentralized Ops (DeOps) and what it means for your crypto-activated business.Key TakeawaysGil identified issues that crypto would one day solve long before the advent of Bitcoin. He discusses a start-up that he co-founded in 2005 that had striking similarities to what would eventually be known as web3. Years later, Gil discovered crypto and soon realized that it would change the financial infrastructure of the world.Early customers of Gilded have evolved from crypto-native organizations to major brands, talent agencies, and gaming companies looking to stake their claim in web3.Crypto isn't just an accounting problem. It touches every aspect of a business' back office. There is a greater need to design procedures and processes beyond just tracking assets. You need a complete operational strategy.Where to find the host and guest: Follow Farrah Ross Appleman on LinkedIn and Twitter.Follow Gil Hildebrand on LinkedIn and Twitter.Learn more about Gilded and DeOps: Newsletter| Website | Blog | Twitter |  LinkedIn The information provided on this podcast does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal, financial, or tax advice; all information, content, and materials made available by this podcast are for general informational purposes only.