FantabulousFriday - 08.12.22


Aug 12 2022 • 25 mins

TwoSistas and it’s FantabulousFriday!!  We are closing in on our 500th Episode!  Today is Episode #498 on this amazing FantabulousFriday!!  Now that is something to celebrate!

Timing of when things happen, a quick look back at all of the amazing blessings and how life is so very precious!  A wide range of topics today including protecting your energy (and yes; you do not owe anyone an explanation); how we have that internal dialogue with ourselves and why we should have that chat in a positive manner and of course, so much more!

What are you celebrating on this FantabulousFriday?  How do you protect your energy?  We would love to hear from you - Share it with us!  Go to our website and leave us a voice message:

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