Single Tasking, Don’t Buy, Plant Parenthood

Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!®

Sep 29 2021 • 56 mins

Are you a multi-talker? Do you feel that you are accomplishing your goals? The brain is wired to do one thing at one time. We are living distracted lives. Do you want to do one thing well or two or more things poorly? We all love saving money, getting deals, and discovering treasures for free. But there are some items that no matter how free or inexpensive we don’t want to bring into our homes. What are they? Find out today! Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian states, “my favorite way of birthing new vegetation is through propagation. Many of the specimens in my garden have been slips, cuttings, seeds, divisions, roots, bulbs, or pinches from my mom’s, sibling’s, or friend’s gardens. “A garden is to share and there is nothing more satisfying than growing floras derived from a beloved garden. Cynthia will tell you how to do this.