Gardening with the Senses, Grass Roots, Travel Packing

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Oct 13 2021 • 54 mins

Digging, for most of us, means hands (or shovels) in the dirt, planting something, cultivating, or harvesting. Teresa Watkins, garden designer, radio host, author, and instructor, has spent hours and hours on a different kind of digging and all of her effort has unearthed quite a harvest. Teresa’s latest book, A Gardener’s Compendium Volume 3, Gardening with The Senses: Gardening in a Twitter World in 140 Characters or More will be discussed with Cynthia Brian as well as her other tomes. The earth trembled. The fires raged. The stock market crashed. October has notoriously become a month when disasters great and small occur. No matter what transpires, life goes on and nature always prevails. The next two months are busy ones in the garden as we prepare our beds for a winter’s sleep. If you haven’t traveled for awhile, you may need a refresher course on the best methods to pack. And if you are keeping your relationship fresh, you’ll find a few ideas for a loving date night.