In the Moode for Real History

Kaleb Moode

I am on a mission to make history real again one beer and discussion at a time. Looking at current events and history from a people's perspective.
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Microaggressions: Not as Micro as You Think
Microaggressions: Not as Micro as You ThinkS4:E13 The Israeli-Palestinian ConflictS4:E12 President Biden's State of the Union: All Platitudes No ActionS4:E11 How Many More? Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo Should Be AliveS4:E10 History Teachers Discussing Presidential Legacies Pt. 2S4:E9 Debating Gun ControlS4:E8 History Teachers Discuss Presidential Legacies Pt. 1S4 E7: Biden's Infrastructure PlanS4:E6 The Atlanta Mass Shootings and Rise in Anti-Asian HateS4:E5 An Overview of the Biden Presidency So FarS4:E4 Flyin' Ted and Student Debt ForgivenessS4:E3 Trumpeachment 2: Same Old Shit Just a Different ImpeachmentS4:E2 Fireside Chats: Debunking the Myths Against $15 Minimum WageS4:E1 The Cult of QanonS3:E9 The Biden Administration: Out with the Old in with the OlderS3:E8 Capitol Attack: What the Hell Happened this Week?Seeing the Bigger Picture: A Federal Job GuaranteeS3:E6 The Latest Covid Relief or Lack ThereofS3:E5 Universal Basic Income vs. A Federal Jobs GuaranteeS3:E4 Is Looting as American as Apple Pie?