Rethinking Entrepreneurship and Media in the Middle East Spotlight: Aurore Belfrage

Women INVESTING in Women and GIRLS

Jan 30 2015 • 55 mins

In this episode, we feature Aurore Belfrage of Your Middle East, a global media platform focusing on improving the world we live in. Aurore discusses how she became passionate about the environment of female entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa from her entrepreneurial background in Sweden. We also delve into the topic of media coverage in the Middle East and North Africa through Your Middle East and how information is being presented within this groundbreaking, collaborative company. Aurore tells us about how this generation’s thinkers and innovators are creating solutions to global issues in the Your Middle East Start-ups. We finish off the conversation with Aurore’s incredible advice to young women and girls around the world on how to be successful.