Investing in Women for a Brighter Tomorrow: Featuring Veronica Guzman of WAMVentures

Women INVESTING in Women and GIRLS

Apr 10 2015 • 55 mins

In this episode, we featured Veronica Guzman, Founder of WAMVentures. Veronica tells us about how she experienced gender inequality in the workplace nearly from the beginning of her career, and how these experiences led her to recognize the need for more female-led business accelerators. She shares with us her motivation for creating WAMVentures, and how this platform not only helps women and diverse business leaders raise capital, but also provides resources to help their businesses achieve success in many other aspects. Veronica explains the importance of creating partnerships and having role models to help provide advice and experience. Veronica expresses her passion for helping other women with their businesses. She offers inspiring advice to entrepreneurs looking to make a difference and follow their dreams, as well as explains how these innovators and dreamers should measure their success. Veronica also talks to us about her work within the G8 Youth Summit to help promote STEM careers to more girls in the world.